About Sunup Green Coffee

Our company makes smooth, high-energy brews from organic green coffee beans. Our coffee only has one ingredient - organic green coffee - so you can feel proud knowing that you are enjoying a high-quality, natural and functional beverage. 

What is green coffee?

Coffee beans are green in nature. Traditional coffee beverages are made by roasting green coffee beans in a process that transforms green beans into brown beans. The roasting process utilizes high heat and agitation in order to raise the internal temperature of coffee beans to 450 - 500 degrees. Green coffee beans are raw coffee beans that have never been roasted.

What are the benefits of green coffee?

The main benefits of green coffee are energy, smooth taste and natural health properties.

Most people who drink coffee enjoy the way caffeine makes them feel. Green coffee is similar to traditional coffee but even more potent. By brewing the coffee beans when they are raw, and not roasted, the resulting coffee has elevated levels of natural compounds and fewer by-products of the high-temperature roasting process. One of the most desirable compounds that is preserved in green coffee is the antioxidant chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid promotes health and well-being.

One other benefit from brewing raw green coffee beans, instead of roasting them, is the smooth taste. Green coffee tastes bright and earthy like an unsweetened green tea. It tastes very satisfying knowing that you are enjoying a natural superfood in its raw state.

Caffeine levels of green coffee are similar to caffeine levels in traditional coffee because the roasting process does not destroy caffeine compounds. But the lift and feeling of brewed green coffee is unique among caffeinated beverages. Many of our customers say they like the rush of green coffee because it doesn't result in a caffeine crash or hangover from by-products of the coffee roasting process.

How do you make green coffee?

Making green coffee requires patience and some special equipment. 

First, do not attempt to use a regular coffee grinder with green coffee beans. Raw green coffee beans are as hard as rocks and will likely break your coffee grinder.

We recommend brewing coffee beans whole if you want to make it at home. This is mostly because green coffee beans are hard enough that no regular kitchen has the right tools for breaking down green coffee beans for extraction.

When brewing, we recommend using a pressure cooker. This will speed up the brewing process so you can enjoy your brewed green coffee sooner.

Can you cold brew green coffee?

No. This is not a safe way to enjoy green coffee. Green coffee beans are processed near the coffee farms in their country of origin and then transported around the world in sacks on sea containers. Green coffee beans are not sterilized before they arrive at your home so microbes are present and can flourish in a cold brew setting.

Cold-brewing green coffee also doesn't accomplish much - you really need hot water in order to extract the caffeine, flavors and benefits of green coffee beans.

What does green coffee taste like?

Green coffee tastes bright and smooth, somewhat like a homemade tea. There is no roasted flavor or bitterness from the roasting process. You will notice earthy notes with nutty tones and green characteristics. Green coffee has the lightest body of any coffee you can enjoy.